WoodWing USA Expands Product Line and Expertise by Acquiring Assets of Emerge Consulting, Ltd.

As a long-time partner of WoodWing USA, Emerge’s team members will create new opportunities to expand our global reach while maintaining our strong brand. With customer satisfaction a top priority, we recognize that having a consolidated product suite and workforce will improve this focus area even further.

Customers and clients will receive better service simply because they will have one contact for all their questions. Being in closer contact with its customers will ensure that WoodWing’s focus stays aligned with its clients’ changing needs. Emerge’s business perfectly complements that of WoodWing USA. Emerge’s expertise in content and data transformation will make all of WoodWing USA’s solutions more agile and flexible in terms of interconnecting different systems.

The combined strengths and abilities of the two companies will allow discovery, project planning and management, development, implementation and support after go-live to be done seamlessly, from start to finish.

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